• Dumpster Diving through Namecoin and Emercoin

    I was at Defcon 27 recently and saw a talk titled “Secrets Worlds in Plain Web. The BlockChain DNS.” by Fernando Amatte. He spoke about blockchain based DNS infrastructure, specifically Namecoin and Emercoin, as a means of hiding secrets in plain view. I missed the beginning of the talk, but I don’t recall him presenting any specific examples of people using blockchain DNS services. This gave me a few questions:

    • Is anyone using these blockchain DNS services?
    • What are they using them for?
    • Are any interesting services “hiding in plain site?”
  • Bad VM

    Bad VM is a simple constrained virtual machine I made as a learning exercise. It is based entirely around a 2-byte word. Each operation is encoded in one word, each register holds one word, and the stack is a stack of words. Also it uses both stacks and registers, which I’ve read is not a very practical approach.